Necessary Irrelevance

by Syruprise

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Necessary Irrelevance
Electronic Music Album

Syruprise pronounced /sirəp-raiz/ (syrup-prize)
A little over a year ago, I rediscovered my creativity. It started after I read an article about how people who create are often more happy than people who are not creative at all. It began to claw and gnaw at me over the next couple of days.
I came upon this almost by accident. I was not expecting creativity to be to important to me. I slowly and almost begrudgingly started making music again. That uneasy desire to be more creative morphed into Syruprise.
This is why this album is entitled Necessary Irrelevance. It is not that the songs are irrelevant or that I am not proud of them. Believe me, I am very proud of them. But it is the act of creating that I am obsessed with now.
I wrote, produced, mixed, mastered, made videos, and made the cover art for everything on the album. Then went back and remixed some of the older songs. Then went back to the originals and remasted them again because I didn't like the remixed sound.
These songs aren't perfect. I still am noticing flaws. There is still much more I need to learn about arrangements, mixing, and mastering.
But each and every song on this album is mine. Each and every click and pop and off-note and phasing issue is mine. Each and every song is something I created. As I am writing this right now I am having trouble feeling my pinky finger because I am getting carpel tunnel from spending so much time at the computer.
But I don't care. I have already moved on to making more songs with what I have learned from this album. Which is exactly what I did from my previous work, Project Serpo EP. Which is exactly what I will continue to do. Because, to me, right now, Syruprise is necessary.
So share if you want too or don't. Feedback is always great even if it's mostly non-constructive criticism. Most people will tl;dr this but if you did even skim through it, that is awesome too.
I am not asking for money or click-throughs or whatever the form of ad revenue synergy buzz fusion is all the rage now. The most I would hope for is good honest listen, front to back. But, like I said, I will be here doing this regardless. Because, yes, creativity did indeed make me a happier person.

Dig a Pony,


released March 22, 2015




Syruprise Urbana, Illinois

Syruprise pronounced /sirəp-raiz/

OG member of the Mangled Music Collective.

My real name is John. I live in Chambana, which for anybody that is in the know is the colloquialism for Champaign and Urbana, IL.

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